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SharkTuner PEM for the Porsche 928

Introducing the PEM

We are please to announce a new SharkTuner product ! This was developed as part of the SharkTuner Mk 2 project, but it is also compatible with SharkTuner Mk 1 as it offers greatly improved facilities and ease of use.

The name of this new product is the Programmable EPROM Module or “PEM”.

This enables “flash” programming of the 928 LH and EZK ECU's from MY87 to 95. That is, it allows remapping of the LH and /or EZK ECUs by connecting a laptop to the car's diagnostic system (via a SharkTuner box) without the need for a ribbon cable to the EPROM socket. It can be repeatedly reprogrammed, and the data is secure even when power is removed from the ECU.

The PEM is a small module that plugs into the normal EPROM socket in the LH and EZK ECUs.



Once a PEM is installed in the ECU, the box can then be closed, and the ECU re-installed in the car. No other connections are needed between the SharkTuner and the car other than via the diagnostic connector in order to remap and datalog. You will of course require the usual WBO2 sensor input for remapping the LH ECU.

The other additional advantage is that with a PEM fitted to both LH and EZK, the SharkTuner displays the System monitor, maps and parameters screens without the need for any further setup. Simultaneous data logging of LH and EZK parameters is also possible !

The screenshots below show the new options that are available when using the PEM modules......




Once remapping is complete for the session, save the file and then just unplug the SharkTuner, the new remapping parameters are stored in the PEM. No need to blow a new EPROM.

The next time any tuning is required, the file in the PEM can be uploaded into the SharkTuner and modified as required, or used for datalogging. It is also possible to use the ribbon cable with an EPROM adaptor in one ECU, and a PEM in the other ECU with the existing SharkTuner box.

The price of each PEM is 100 USD plus postage.

Availability & Pricing

The main SharkTuner distributor in the USA, Australasia and Far East is Jim Corenman

For sales to the rest of the world please contact JDSPorsche

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