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NEW Mark 1 SharkTuner for the Porsche 928



We are pleased to introduce our latest product in the SharkTuner series the NEW SharkTuner 1.

This unit is a repackaging of the original SharkTuner and the Auxiliary input board that enables SharkTuning of the 85/86 US and Euro 928s.

It is now contained within a box measuring 6 x 5 x 1.5

(15x 13 x 4 cm). It will monitor, data log and remap the early 32 valve Porsche 928 (MY 1985/6) which use LH ECUs 928.618.123.03/04 & /05. and the EZ-F ECU 928.618.124.05

Also the Euro 16v LH for MY 84/86 which use 928.618.123.02. But NOT the LH fitted to MY 84 Euro 928.618.123.00. It will remap all versions of the EZ-F ignition ECU fitted to Euro 16v 84-86 type 928.618.124.00 /03 & /CX.

It supports standard MAF and also SMAF. Jim Corenman's excellent SharkPlotter post processor now supports LH2.2 ECUs.

In addition the auxiliary data inputs allow display and data logging of 2 programmable data inputs with the LH2.2 and 1 input with EZ-F.

The ST1 will also optimize the LH & EZK ECU of the S4/GT/GTS of MY87-95 either via PEMs or a ribbon cable connection. The SharkTuner Mk 2 is the more optimized tuning device for the 87-95 cars. Besides the convenience of a fast USB connection, there have been some upgrades to facilities such as much improved and lengthened data log files, inhibit of adaptation, software selection of EZK WOT switch disconnection etc. More significantly ST 1 does not cater for ST-Alpha, ST-MAP versions. The software development of ST1 was frozen when ST2 was introduced. However the ST1 is still a very powerful tool for the remapping the LH2.3 and EZK of the 87-95 cars.

Many of the features of the LH2.3 SharkTuner available within the LH/EZ-F 2.2 version. These include real time operating point marker on the various fuel maps; real time data logging; full editing of fuel mapsas you drive; and Autotuning of fuel/air mixture.

This re-packaging has reduced assembly time and we can offer this product at a very attractive price. The basic New SharkTuner 1 comes with a Break out Box, ribbon cable adaptors and power lead for the 85/86 cars. The price is $1500 USD. (a few units are still available at the introductory price of $1250 USD)

This picture shows the Break out Box supplied whic intercepts the signals to and from the LH2.2 or EZ-F ECUs for use in the SharkTuner 1.


This shows a simulated typical EZ-F test connection setup...

Functions & Features


In addition to changes to the fuel maps, the SharkTuner also allows manipulation of other parameters such as high rpm fuel cut off point ("rev. limiter"), the operation of the inlet resonance valve ("flappy") and fuel cut off under deceleration.


The SharkTuner also provides a data logging facility of many useful parameters. The data logger can run continually, or be triggered at rpm greater than 2000, or when the wide open throttle switch is closed (approx. 2/3 throttle open).


Data captured during a run can be viewed in tabular form in the data logger window or displayed in the graphics processor included on screen.

Alternatively, the data table can be copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet using the "Copy all run data" tab, where it can be viewed in tabular or processed using the Chart Wizard into graphical form. Data from several data runs can be displayed on the same graph.

The "System monitor" screen gives useful real time data on the running conditions of the engine under test and modification:

Manipulation of fuel maps is possible on a cell by cell basis, or by capturing a group of cells and incrementing them on a user selected percentage basis, or by a known fixed percentage.

Rapid initial remapping can be carried out with the "Autotune" feature on the applicable fuel maps. Idle, and cruise and WOT CO levels can be auto adjusted to a target value.

Wideband Oxygen Sensor

The SharkTuner is designed for use with a wideband oxygen sensor and associated electronic hardware. A wideband O2 system is essential for any fuel remapping. The standard O2 sensor with add on lambda indicators are NOT suitable as their operating range is too narrow.

TechEdge WBO2 systems are highly recommended.

Alternatively an Innovate Motorsport systems can be used.

Functions & Features EZ-F


Cruise ignition map



System Monitor screen

Parameters screen

SharkTuner Requirements


Availability & Pricing

The New Mark 1 SharkTuner is available now at an introductory price of $1250 USD.

The Mk2 Sharktuner costs $990 USD or equivalent in GBP or Euro, and comes complete with a pair of PEMs, O2 harness and USB lead.

The main SharkTuner distributor in the USA, Australasia and Far East is Jim Corenman

For sales to the rest of the world please contact JDSPorsche

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