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Mark 2 SharkTuner for the Porsche 928

The latest addition to the SharkTuner family is the Mk 2 version. This is used with the Programmable EPROM Modules as described elsewhere on the website. The current version is for Porsche 928 (MY 1987 onwards) allows the optimisation of the fuel and ignition maps to ensure optimum performance from the engine. This is particularly important if the engine has been modified in any way e.g. change of exhaust system, supercharger.

The SharkTuner is a hardware interface between the LH ECU (fuel injection computer) or the EZK ECU (igntion computer) and a laptop computer. A custom Windows interface program runs on the laptop, and a slave microcontroller in the SharkTuner acts as the interface between the laptop and the LH ECU.

The SharkTuner allows the operator to make changes in real time to the software of the LH ECU by modifying a special EPROM binary files provided with the SharkTuner. The standard EPROMs are unplugged from the LH and EZK ECUs, and then closed again, and refitted into the car.

The SharkTuner is powered by the diagnostic connector fitted to all 928s. A laptop is used to control the SharkTuner and nhence the ECUs. Special Sharktuner compatable software files are loaded into the PEMs, and then tuning can start. Both LH and EZk parameters can be datalooged simulataneously for system evaluation, all LH and EZK System monitors, maps and parameter screens are readily available on the screen.

Any edits to the maps or parameters are instantly written to the PEMs. They can also be uploaded to the laptop for archiving.

All the facilities previously available with the New Sharktuner Mk1 with PEMs are also available in the Mk 2 SharkTuner. However only the MK2 Sharktuner suports the Alpha-N MAF-less option. The Mk 2 also offers much longer datalogging file lengths, and additiona control on the idle loop controller.

For the 1985/6 cars using LH2.2 and EZ-F ECUs, the New Sharktuner Mk 1 is the tool optimised for those cars.

Free of charge licence for the SharkPlotter powerful post processor program.

Functions &Features LH ECU

In addition to changes to the fuel maps, the SharkTuner also allows manipulation of other parameters such as high rpm fuel cut off point ("rev. limiter"), the operation of the inlet resonance valve ("flappy") and fuel cut off under deceleration.


The SharkTuner also provides a data logging facility of many useful parameters. The data logger can run continually, or be triggered at rpm greater than 2000, or when the wide open throttle switch is closed (approx. 2/3 throttle open).


Data captured during a run can be viewed in tabular form in the data logger window or displayed in the graphics processor included on screen.

Alternatively, the data table can be copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet using the "Copy all run data" tab, where it can be viewed in tabular or processed using the Chart Wizard into graphical form. Data from several data runs can be displayed on the same graph.

The "System monitor" screen gives useful real time data on the running conditions of the engine under test and modification:

Manipulation of fuel maps is possible on a cell by cell basis, or by capturing a group of cells and incrementing them on a user selected percentage basis, or by a known fixed percentage.

Rapid initial remapping can be carried out with the "Autotune" feature on the applicable fuel maps. Idle, and cruise and WOT CO levels can be auto adjusted to a target value.

Wideband Oxygen Sensor

The SharkTuner is designed for use with a wideband oxygen sensor and associated electronic hardware. A wideband O2 system is essential for any fuel remapping. The standard O2 sensor with add on lambda indicators are NOT suitable as their operating range is too narrow.

TechEdge WBO2 systems are highly recommended.

Alternatively an Innovate Motorsport unit can be used. The Sharktuner can be programmed to most manufacturers' WBO2 unit outputs.

Functions & Features EZK


Cruise ignition map



System Monitor screen

Parameters screen

SharkTuner Requirements

Availability & Pricing

The Mark 2 SharkTuner is available now.

The Mk2 Sharktuner costs $990 USD or equivalent in GBP or Euro, and comes complete with a pair of PEMs, O2 harness and USB lead.

The main SharkTuner distributor in the USA, Australasia and Far East is Jim Corenman

Units are also available from 928 Specialists in NC

For sales to the rest of the world please contact JDSPorsche

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